Title descasc Record Co. descasc Format descasc Country descasc Cat. Num descasc Year descasc Matrix descasc Comments
view Children Of The Sun Warner Bros LP USA WS1783 1968 Green label
view Children Of The Sun Warner Bros 4 TRACK USA 4WA1783 1968 Four Track Cartridge
view Lady Go Lightly Mercury Records 7" USA NONUMBER 1969 Demo
view Child Of Allah Gh Music 7" UK 6006259 1972 White Philips label. Promo, no PS
view Child Of Allah Mercury Records 7" USA 40718 1972 Blue Philips label. No PS
view Tubular Bells Virgin LP UK V2001 1973 White dean label, address Nott...
view Tubular Bells Virgin LP UK QV2001 1973 Coloured Dean label. Quadro. W...
view Tubular Bells Stereotape 4 TRACK USA VGN13105F 1973 Blue label
view Tubular Bells Atlantic Recording 8 TRACK USA VRNQT13105 1973 Quadro. With aircraft noise
view Tubular Bells Dischi Ricordi 8 TRACK ITA VIS812001 1973 Red cartridge
view Excerpt From Herg... Emi 7" NZL NONUMBER 1974 White label. Testpressing. No PS
view Hergest Ridge Pink Chicken 8 TRACK CAN 526 1974
view Hergest Ridge Barclay 8 TRACK FRA CA840044 1974 Black cartridge
view Hergest Ridge Atlantic Recording 7" USA PR223 1974 Black-white Dean label. Promo,...
view Hergest Ridge Virgin 8 TRACK CAN 8VR13109 1974 With cardboard sleeve
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