Title descasc Record Co. descasc Format descasc Country descasc Cat. Num descasc Year descasc Matrix descasc Comments
view Boxed Virgin CD EU CDBOX1 1989 Silver CD - Black Printing
view Boxed Virgin CD EU CDBOX1 1989 Promo, sticker
view Star Clusters Neb... Voiceprint CD EU VP110CD 1993 First release on CD
view Ear Of Beholder Dandelion Records CD EU SEECD414 1994 white cd
view The Rime Of The A... Virgin CD EU CDOVD443 1994 blue picture disc
view Fine Old Tom Voiceprint CD EU BP166CD 1995 Reissue
view Variations On A R... Voiceprint CD EU BP191CD 1995 Reissue. Picture cd
view Instructions For ... Virgin CD EU CDV2090 1997 Picture cd
view Star's End Virgin CD EU CDV2020 1997 barcode 7243 8 44345 2 6, yell...
view The Garden Of Love Voiceprint CD EU VP180CD 1997 silver CD, black printing
view Guitars Warner Music CD EU 3984274012 1999
view Whatevershebrings... Emi CD EU 7243521... 1999 green and yellow cd
view Xxv Wea CD EU 3984212182 1999 1999 reissue with Virgin logo
view Shooting At The Moon Harvest Records CD EU 5827772 2003 Remastered edition.
view Whatevershebrings... Harvest Records CD EU 5827782 2003 Remastered edition.
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