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view Moonlight Shadow Virgin 12" UK VS58612 1983 Green-red label.
view Moonlight Shadow Virgin 7" UK VS586 1983 Silver label. Large center hol...
view Shadow On The Wall Virgin 12" UK VS62512 1983 Art label: brown wall
view Shadow On The Wall Virgin 7" ES B105606 1983 WLP
view Shadow On The Wall Ariola Eurodisc 12" ES F600840 1983 Green-red label.
view Star Clusters Neb... Oldfield Records LP D 206344320 1983 Art label. Insert.
view The Space Movie Virgin VHS ES VVD0162A 1983 VHS, PAL , no barcode
view The Space Movie Virgin VHS UK VVA016 1983 PAL. Black label.
view Tubular Bells Virgin CD D CDV2001 1983 Pale blue CD, black printing
view Crime Of Passion Bertelsmann 7" MEX S936 1984 Green-Red Label, No PS
view Crime Of Passion Virgin Spain 12" ES F601133 1984 Green-red label
view Discovery Virgin Spain LP ES T206300 1984 Blue art label
view Discovery Virgin France LP FRA 70259PM262 1984 Art label: Blue / white printing
view Discovery Virgin CD D CDV2308 1984 blue CD, black printing, 1. Ed.
view Discovery Virgin LP D 412494 1984 club edition
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