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Title descasc Record Co. descasc Format descasc Country descasc Cat. Num descasc Year descasc Matrix descasc Comments
view One Glance Is Holy Virgin 7" D 112761100 1989 Silver label
view Amarok Virgin Spain LP ES LL210707 1990 green/red Virgin labels
view Amarok Virgin LP GRE VG50509 1990 grey-white Virgin labels
view Gimme Back Virgin 7" D 114430 1991 Silver label
view Heaven's Open Virgin 12" UK VST1341 1991 White and Grey label
view Heaven's Open Virgin LP ES 211294 1991 green/red Virgin labels
view Heaven's Open Emi LP KOR VKPL0061 1991 mispressing. Plays OMD album '...
view Heaven's Open Polskie Nagrania ... LP POL SX2999 1991 White Muza labels
view Sentinel Wea 7" UK YZ698 1992 Silver WEA Label
view Tubular Bells 2 Wea LP D 4509906181 1992 Purple WEA-Label. 2. Ed.
view The Best Of Mike ... Virgin LP UK VTLP18 1993 Blue-white label
view The Essential / T... Jimco LASERDISC JAP JILR790023 1993 2LD Obi. Inserts
view The Songs Of Dist... Wea LP D 4509985811 1994 picture label
view The Top Of The Mo... Wea Spain CD SINGLE ES PRO1116 1998 Blue-silver CD Promo
view Far Above The Clouds Kinetic 12" USA PROA9752A 1999 WLP. no PS
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