Title descasc Record Co. descasc Format descasc Country descasc Cat. Num descasc Year descasc Matrix descasc Comments
view Islands Virgin CASSETTE ES ML408650 1987 black tape, white printing
view Islands Virgin Canada CASSETTE CAN VL42466 1987 black MC, without text on cover
view Islands Virgin CASSETTE AUS TCV2466 1987 white MC blue printing
view Islands Virgin CASSETTE UK OVEDC418 1987 transparent MC
view Islands Virgin America CASSETTE USA 7906454 1987 Transperant MC
view Islands Virgin CASSETTE MEX CS791 1987
view Islands Rca CASSETTE BRA 7148007 1987 yellow label
view Islands Virgin CASSETTE D 408650630 1987 black MC
view Islands Emi CASSETTE GRE TCVG50306 1987 White MC, blue printing
view Ommadawn Virgin CASSETTE ES D55791 1987 Black tape with White written
view Ommadawn Virgin Spain CASSETTE ES D55791 1987 Black tape, red label
view Platinum Rca CASSETTE ARG TMS70065 1987
view The Killing Fields Virgin CASSETTE THL TCV2328 1987 Transparent MC
view Islands Rca CASSETTE ARG TMS90070 1988
view Islands Virgin CASSETTE UR 4020134 1988 Orange label
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