Title descasc Record Co. descasc Format descasc Country descasc Cat. Num descasc Year descasc Matrix descasc Comments
view Earth Moving Virgin CASSETTE USA 912704 1989 transparent MC. SR
view Earth Moving Jugoton CASSETTE YU MC73022686 1989 black MC orange sticker
view Earth Moving Rpm Record CASSETTE RSA ZVNC5154 1989 Black MC.
view Earth Moving Virgin CASSETTE ISR TCV2610 1989 white MC
view Earth Moving Takt CASSETTE POL 945 1989 clear MC
view Earth Moving Alpha Records CASSETTE PHI VAC898066 1989 black tape, white label
view Earth Moving Toplapi Muzik Vid... CASSETTE TR 8934U374 1989 black-transparent MC, white label
view Incantations Emi CASSETTE KOR VKPC0010 1989 2MC outer cardboard case
view Incantations Virgin Spain CASSETTE ES XW500191 1989 black MC - volumen 1
view Incantations Virgin Spain CASSETTE ES XW500192 1989 black MC - volumen 2
view Platinum Virgin France CASSETTE FRA 50016PM452 1989 Reissue. Transparent MC
view Platinum Virgin Spain CASSETTE ES EE401206 1989 black tape
view Qe2 Virgin Spain CASSETTE ES EE402967 1989 black tape, white printing
view The Complete Emi CASSETTE ARG 140008 1989 white tape
view The Complete Aquarius Musikindo CASSETTE IND TMOC1 1989 transparent tape
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