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view Tubular Bells Virgin CD D 610006 1984 Silver CD, red printing. UK pr...
view Crises Virgin CD UK CDV2262 1985 CDV2262... Pale blue CD. UK barcode on re...
view Discovery Virgin CD UK CDV2308 1985 2nd ed. Barcode. Silver CD red...
view Episodes Virgin France CD FRA 30025PM520 1985 silver CD, black printing. No ...
view Incantations Virgin CD UK CDVDT101 1985 Silver CD, black printing.
view Pictures In The Dark Virgin 12" UK VS83612 1985 Black label
view Pictures In The Dark Virgin France 7" FRA 008367 1985 Silver label. Promo
view Platinum Virgin CD D CDV2141 1985 Silver CD, black printing, wit...
view Qe2 Virgin CD D CDV2181 1985 silver CD, black printing
view The Complete Virgin LP FRA 60041PM917 1985 2-LP. Swallow label.
view The Killing Fields Virgin CD UK CDV2328 1985 blue CD, with barcode
view Exposed Virgin CD UK CDVD2511 1986 2CD, silver CDs, black pr.
view Hergest Ridge Virgin CD UK CDV2013 1986 silver CD, black printing, wit...
view Shine Virgin 7" D 108134100 1986 Silver label
view Shine Virgin 12" FRA VS86312... 1986 Promo, art label: purple cover
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