Spheres (0602517653610D)

Universal Music
United Kingdom, England

Only digital product.
Released on:2 March 2008 By: Universal Classics & Jazz

With a man whose back catalogue is as far-reaching, diverse and consistently surprising as Oldfield's, it should come as little surprise that the 2008 single release, 'Spheres,' brings us Oldfield in an entirely new light. Doing away with the computerised techniques which shaped much of his output of the 00s, 'Spheres' captures the defining sound of Oldfield's first definitively classical album, Music Of The Spheres. Staying true to Oldfield's love of up-to-date technology, this single is available for download as a digital single only.

A highlight in Oldfield's sprawling musical career, 'Spheres' documents and demonstrates the work produced by Oldfield when he first began creating Music Of The Spheres, and beautifully showcases the sweeping symphonies and crashing concertos prevalent throughout. On the influences behind the music, Oldfield comments "It'll be all orchestra apart from classical guitar and grand piano. I'll be playing those two instruments... it's going to be based around the festival of Halloween, rather than the Hollywood horror film. The ancient festival goes back to BC... The advantage of that is we'll have an orchestral score, which anyone in the world will be able to pick up and play."


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