Odd Ditties (5C03805954)

Odd Ditties
Harvest Records
Netherlands, Holland

yellow Harvest label
Collaboration with Kevin Ayers
Mike's Contribution: Bass guitar on tracks 3,4 and 9. Guitar on track 6. Bass on the first part and guitar on the second part of track 5.

Side A
1. Soon, Soon, Soon
2. Singing A Sing In The Morning
3. Gemini Child
4. Puis-Je?
5. Butterfly Dance
6. Stars
7. Stranger In Blue Suede Shoes
Side B
8. Jolie Madame
9. Lady Rachel
10. Connie On A Rubber Band
11. Fake Mexican Tourist Board
12. Don't Sing No More Sad Songs
13. Take Me To Tahiti
14. Caribbean Moon


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