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Title descasc Record Co. descasc Format descasc Country descasc Cat. Num descasc Year descasc Matrix descasc Comments
view Tubular Bells Ariola Eurodisc LP ES 87541I 1974 Coloured twins Dean label
view Ommadawn Ariola Eurodisc LP ES 89552I 1978 Green-red label
view Exposed Ariola Eurodisc LP ES 300578XD 1979 White art label 2LP
view Music Wonderland Ariola Eurodisc LP D 204000502 1980 Green-red label
view Family Man Ariola Eurodisc 7" ES B103793 1982 Green-red label. Washable PS. ...
view Five Miles Out Ariola Eurodisc 7" ES B103920 1982 Green-red label. 100 Ptas.
view Qe2 Amiga LP DDR 855892 1982 Blue AWA-Label.
view Hergest Ridge Virgin Spain LP ES 88134I 1984 Green-red label.
view Incantations Virgin Spain LP ES 300193XD 1984 Green-red label 2LP
view To France Virgin Spain 7" ES A106590 1984 Green-red label
view The Orchestral Tu... Virgin Spain LP ES E88559 1986 Green-red label. Polygram Ibérica
view Earth Moving Virgin Spain LP ES LL209982 1989 green/red Virgin labels
view Amarok Virgin Spain LP ES LL210707 1990 green/red Virgin labels
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