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view Tubular Bells Virgin LP UK V2001 1973 White dean label, address Nott...
view Hergest Ridge Virgin LP UK V2013 1974 Coloured twins label
view Mike Oldfield Single Virgin 7" UK VS101 1974 Black-white Dean label. Small ...
view Tubular Bells Virgin LP UK QV2001 1974 SOC, coloured dean label. Addr...
view Ommadawn Virgin LP UK V2043 1975 Fawn mauve dean label. Robor
view Boxed Virgin LP UK VBOX1 1976 4LP Green Label with twins
view Take 4 Virgin 12" UK VS23812 1978 Green-Red Label. White vinyl. ...
view Exposed Virgin LP UK VD2511 1979 2LP, White art label. SOC
view Platinum Virgin LP UK V2141 1979 Art label: Drop on blue. Reissue
view Music Wonderland Ariola Eurodisc LP D 204000502 1980 Green-red label
view Qe2 Victor Musical In... LP JAP VIP6971 1980 green-red labels Obi Bio/lyric...
view The Singles Victor Musical In... 12" JAP VIP5905 1981 Art label: Mike-Portrait. Pin...
view Five Miles Out Virgin LP D 204500610 1982 Art Label: The plane
view The Mike Oldfield... Virgin 12" D 600690213 1982 Green / Red label
view Crime Of Passion Virgin 12" D 601133213 1983 Green-red label
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