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view Family Man Ariola Eurodisc 7" ES B103793 1982 WLP. 125 Ptas PS
view Moonlight Shadow Ariola Eurodisc 7" ES B105390 1983 WLP
view Islands Virgin Spain LP ES LL208650 1987 Yellow art label
view Earth Moving Virgin CD UK CDV2610 1989 silver CD black printing
view Tubular Bells Virgin Spain CASSETTE ES D54885 1989 Black MC, white printing
view Amarok Virgin Spain CASSETTE ES ML410707 1990 transparent MC
view Heaven's Open Virgin CD UK CDV2653 1991 silver CD black printing, germ...
view Sentinel Wea CD SINGLE UK YZ698CD 1992 Red CD
view Tubular Bells 2 Wea VHS D 4509906863 1992 Black label, PAL
view Tubular Bells 2 Wea CD D 4509906182 1992 First Edition CD; Blue CD
view Platinum Virgin CD NL 78642824 1993 PM 570, silver cd black printing
view The Best Of Mike ... Virgin CD NL 7243839... 1993 PM: 520 on barcode, dark blue cd
view Amarok Virgin CD NL 78694120 1994 Black cd, gold printing. EMI c...
view Ommadawn Disky CD NL VI873762 1996 Cover printed on CD
view Voyager Wea CD FRA 0630158962 1996 0630158... Purple CD
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