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view Hergest Ridge Atlantic Recording LP USA VR13109 1974 Coloured Dean label. Label: ST...
view Ommadawn Disco Libro LP MEX LA028 1977 DALA028A coloured Dean label, PS
view Tubular Bells Disco Libro LP MEX LA039 1977 Coloured Dean label
view Incantations Virgin LP UK VDT101 1978 The sea label
view Take 4 Virgin 12" UK VS23812 1978 Green-Red Label. White vinyl. ...
view Qe2 Dischi Ricordi LP ITA VIL12181 1980 green-red label
view Five Miles Out Bertelsmann LP MEX LAE438 1982 Green-red label. FOC
view Crises Bertelsmann LP MEX LA551 1983 green-red label
view Discovery Bertelsmann LP MEX LAE594 1984 green red label
view Tubular Bells Toshiba / Emi CD JAP 32VD1010 1986 silver-black CD, blue obi, inf...
view Islands Bertelsmann LP MEX LAE791 1987 Yellow art label. PS
view Ommadawn Toshiba / Emi CD JAP 32VD1110 1987 silver CD with black triangle,...
view Innocent Virgin 12" UK VST1214 1989 VST1214... white-grey label
view The Orchestral Tu... Emi CD USA 0777786... 1992 86049 silver cd, black printing
view Tubular Bells 2 Wea CD D 4509906182 1992 First Edition CD; Blue CD
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