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Title descasc Record Co. descasc Format descasc Country descasc Cat. Num descasc Year descasc Matrix descasc Comments
view Family Man Virgin 7" UK VSY489 1982 Picture-Disc. Mike solo picture
view Family Man Ariola Eurodisc 7" ES B103793 1982 WLP. 125 Ptas PS
view Five Miles Out Virgin 7" UK VSY464 1982 Picture-Disc
view Five Miles Out Ariola Eurodisc 7" ES B103920 1982 Green-red label. 100 Ptas.
view Five Miles Out Virgin 7" UK VS464 1982 Blue label. Hard cover.
view Five Miles Out Edisom LP POR 605105 1982 FOC, Green-red label
view Mistake Virgin 7" UK VSY541 1982 Picture-Disc, sticker
view Platinum Ariola Eurodisc LP ES I201206 1982 Art label: drop on blue
view The Mike Oldfield Ep Ariola Eurodisc 7" D 104678100 1982 Silver label. Ariola-Label
view Crime Of Passion Virgin 12" UK VS64812 1983 Brown label
view Crime Of Passion Virgin 12" D 601133213 1983 Green-red label
view Crises Virgin LP CAN VL2262 1983 Moon label / black label
view Crises Virgin CASSETTE UK TCV2262 1983 grey MC - red text
view Mistake Polygram 7" CAN VS1168 1983 Dark green label
view Moonlight Shadow Virgin 12" D 600928213 1983 Green-red label. Only Gema and...
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