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view Tricks Of The Light Virgin 12" UK VS70712 1984 Black label with blue circle
view Tricks Of The Light Virgin 7" UK VS707 1984 Black label, blue circles
view Music Wonderland Virgin CD UK LC3098 1985 Mike's Oldfield Wonderful Music
view Pictures In The Dark Virgin 7" UK VS836 1985 Black label
view Pictures In The Dark Virgin 12" D 602070213 1985 Green red Label
view The Complete Virgin LP D 302678503 1985 2LP, art label: the swallow, SOC
view Hergest Ridge Virgin Spain LP ES E88134 1986 Green-red label
view Shine Virgin 12" D 608134213 1986 Green / Red label
view Shine Virgin 7" UK VS863 1986 Art label: cover in purple. Ha...
view Shine Virgin 7" UK VSS863 1986 Shaped Disc
view Incantations Virgin Spain LP ES 300193XD 1987 2LP Art label: the sea, EUROGRAM
view Islands Virgin Spain LP ES LL208650 1987 Yellow art label
view Islands Virgin Spain 12" ES F609351 1987 green-red labels
view Islands Virgin America LP USA 190645 1987 black label
view Islands Virgin 12" UK VS99012 1987 Testpressing WL
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