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Title descasc Record Co. descasc Format descasc Country descasc Cat. Num descasc Year descasc Matrix descasc Comments
view Boxed Virgin CD EU CDBOX1 1989 Silver CD - Black Printing
view Earth Moving Virgin Spain LP ES LL209982 1989 green/red Virgin labels
view Earth Moving Virgin 7" UK VS1189 1989 Black label
view Innocent Virgin 7" D 112383100 1989 Silver label. 3:25 version
view Innocent Virgin Spain 7" ES SP112383 1989 Green-Red Label, Promo WOL WOC
view Innocent Virgin CD SINGLE AUT VSCD1214 1989 Silver CD, black printing 3" CD
view Innocent Virgin Spain 12" ES F612383 1989 Green-red label
view One Glance Is Holy Virgin 7" D 112761100 1989 Silver label
view One Glance Is Holy Virgin 12" D 612761213 1989 grey white label
view The Complete Virgin CD FRA CDMOC1P... 1989 Silver CD's. Reissue. Differen...
view Amarok Virgin Spain LP ES LL210707 1990 green/red Virgin labels
view Gimme Back Virgin 7" D 114430 1991 Silver label
view Heaven's Open Virgin 12" UK VST1341 1991 White and Grey label
view Heaven's Open Virgin LP ES 211294 1991 green/red Virgin labels
view Heaven's Open Virgin CD SINGLE D 663951 1991 Silver CD, black printing
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