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Enviado por yanouch65

azm dijo:

yanouch65 crack!!!
Y punto.
Maravillosa foto.¿y la avioneta?

yanouch65 dijo:

No plane with me, sorry ;-)

Unknown Man dijo:

Hi, Yanouch ¿Did you listen the album there? ;)

yanouch65 dijo:

I slept 4 nights at the Beacon. I watched the video "The Making of Ommadawn" downstairs, where the grand piano was and also listened to Hergest Ridge and Ommadawn....of course!
What a dream!

zaradeth dijo:


yanouch65 dijo:

The hill where I am in the picture is not Hergest Ridge. It is Bradnor Hill.
Hergest Ridge is the hill behind me, in the background!

orions dijo:

you are the best yanouch!!! ;)

xaloc dijo:

That's great Yannick, congrats!! :-)

killing bell dijo:

Great, YAnouch !!! Magical place

yanouch65 dijo:

hey killing, if I remember, you were there a couple of years ago?

killing bell dijo:

Yes, I was there in summer of 2010....but I was no lucky with the weather.....storm,rain, fog...very Hergest Ridge at least.

yanouch65 dijo:

But were you where I am in the pic, that is, on the top of Bradnor Hill about 2 kms from Mike's house?

Afghan dijo:

Thumb up!!

killing bell dijo:

I Think That I was not there.....I went straight on to Hergest ridge....and finally I lost myself with the fog.... I went to Wales in the other side of hergest Ridge jajaja. A odissey

yanouch65 dijo:

Yes, very dangerous to be on Hergest Ridge with the fog if we don't live in the area....

wolworeta dijo:


Mike-Bell dijo:

Just Great!!!

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