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Enviado por yanouch65

yanouch65 dijo:

This picture has been taken by me from my own magazine. You are right, the scan of the one on the booket of Incantations 2011 is the same. I point at with red circles the places where they forgot to modifiy.
Moreover, the right top corner of the mag is missing on my mag and he is missing on the scan too!
Normally, they is something written in purple.
So, it has been taken from my photo.
Good job Tubak!

Afghan dijo:

Then, we are not alone!!

Titi dijo:

Well done Yannick ! You should ask for Royalties to the Cie for using your own scan.
Salut de France. J'espère qu'il ne fait pas trop froid par chez toi.

yanouch65 dijo:

You have to thank Tubak. I haven't noticed this....but anyway, very interesting thing!

-18°, record égalé!

tubak dijo:

CONGRATULATIONS!! You have a "famous" magazine...

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