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A Selection From My Mike Oldfield Collection & Me :)

Enviado por WorldX

Mike-Bell dijo:

Who made that photo? Fanny? :P

antonio dijo:

worldx are you the man of the photo?

WorldX dijo:

Yes, to both questions above, jeje xD

sorti dijo:

The man without face

Joni dijo:

What will you do with all your credits?? xD

WorldX dijo:

I still use my credits, for compilations, new items other users raise and to check that my uploaded files are not duplicates :)

Joni dijo:

Ok but if you don't Know what to do with any of them, you can think in your very great friend Joni ;) xDxDxD

PD: it's a joke ;) (or not...xD)
Sorry for my english ^^

WorldX dijo:

Your English is great, just like your football team, 4 - 0 Ukraine :D Spain For the World Cup!!

Joni dijo:

" A cualquier puta se le escapa un pedo". Can somebody translate this sentence?xD

jones dijo:

Me abstengo de traducirla ;)

WorldX dijo:

Joni's Inglés es gran, como el equipo español del fútbol, 4 - 0 Ukraine, España Para el Trofeo de Mundo. Las disculpas para mi español.

killing bell dijo:

worldx ..is your Home big enough to keep all the Oldfield stuff? XDDDD The shirt is cool!!!

Tati_Sentinel dijo:

He has got an old Dark Star t-shirt :D

antonio dijo:

You are 34 years old but you don't pretend it, so you aren't mike :( snif snif

Loquo dijo:

WorldX... what are you doing with my music collection??. Please, give me back all my Mike collection before I get upset!!!

jajajaj (... it's only a joke)

Sorry for my possible errors of translation.

OmmaPlat dijo:

Great t-shirt! Great collection!! Great poster of Loreena Mckennitt! ;-)

^^Solrac dijo:

Ooooooh my GOD!! I love your t-shirt!!! :D!

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